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Kim Wilde News is linked to a non official blog dedicated to the talented British singer Kim Wilde : link


It displays all up to date information about this artist (news, live dates, album releases, TV promo appearances, etc.). I have been a massive fan of Kim Wilde since her debut in the UK with "Kids in America" in 1981.

Don't forget to visit the official website for Kim Wilde : link




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23 avril 2012 1 23 /04 /avril /2012 12:43
Promo TV & radio for "Snapshots":
106 Jack FM radio interview (Herts) (UK- Thur 22nd December 2011) :
    Jacka Jackb  jackc
This morning, Kim Wilde visited a Hertfordshire radio to promote "Come out & play" and "Snapshots" download releases in the UK. Kim chatted with Steve Folland, the radio presentator and recorded especially for this occasion a video in which she sings an acapella version of "Rockin'around the Christmas tree". Here is the link for the radio interview :
Kim playing Buzzword :
Kim singing "Rocking around the Christmas tree" :
Ultimative chart show (RTL) (Germany-Frid 16th December 2011) :
Kim Wilde appeared in the Ultimative Chart Show on the German TV channel RTL to sing a medley of "Anywhere, anyplace, anytime" and "They don't know about us" a cover from her last album "Snapshots". After her performance, she is interviewed about Nena and her new album.
    kimxmastree2011 lcpphwzxmc
(Kim's Christmas tree)
A special message recorded by Kim Wilde and her niece  Scarlett Wilde posted on you tube :
 mel-smith-and-kim-wilde-mel-and-kim-rockin-around-the-chris  88MR 880201 005 cr[1]
This blog wishes you a Merry Christmas and has selected for you 2 videos of Kim Wilde's 1987 hit with Mel Smith "Rockin'around the Christmas tree" :       
"Rockin'around the Christmas tree" Quofest (Brighton) :
Freudin Donna (Germany- Sund 11th December) :
The January 2012 issue of the German magazine Freudin Donna features a 10 page article and interview of Kim Wilde with stunning inedit photos.
Quofestive Tour (UK- Sund 4th December 2011) :
The Quofestive Tour started yesterday in Birmingham. Kim appeared first and performed for 40 minutes some of her classic old hits and a few covers from "Snapshots" including "Ever fallen in love" for the first time on tour. Later, Kim joined Status Quo & Roy wood for the "ultimate Christmas party" :
see more pictures and up to date reviews of the Quofestive Tour  in the "Kim Wilde on Tour" section :
Steve Wright in the afternoon (BBC Radio 2) (UK-Wed 30th November 2011) :
Kim Wilde joined Status Quo & Roy Wood for an interview in the BBC Radio 2 programme "Steve Wright in the afternoon" to promote the Quofestive Tour. 
The late show Interview (UK-Sat 26th November 2011) :
On the local radio BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Keith Middleton had a conversation with Kim Wilde on the phone around 10 pm about her collaboration on the Quofestive Tour with Status Quo & Roy Wood. After having spoken of her debuts, her engagement to her husband Hal, her gardening career and music comeback, Kim confessed again about her excitement to tour with a group who had a hit "Ice in the Sun" written by her father Marty Wilde and Roy Wood she used to have on poster on her bedroom wall when she was a teenager. "Kids in America", "You came" &  "You keep me hangin'on" were played between their conversation.You can listen again to that interview on line here (around 40'):
Sky News Quofestive Interview (UK-Sat 26th November 2011) :
Kim Wilde joined Status Quo again this morning on the UK TV channel Sky News to promote the Quofestive Tour which will run from December 3rd to December 17th 2011 throughout the UK :
New Danish TV spot for "Snapshots"  (Frid 25th November 2011) :
With the release of "Snapshots" this Monday 28th November in Denmark, a new TV Spot is shown on you tube including excerpts from "Sleeping Satellite", "Wonderful life", "It's alright" & the new single "To France" :

The first single to be released in Denmark is "It's alright"/"Sleeping satellite" :
BBC Breakfast Interview (UK-Thursday 24th November 2011) :
Kim Wilde joined Status Quo and Roy Wood this morning for an interview on the BBC Breakfast show to promote the Quofestive Tour which starts in the UK on December 3rd.    
Magic 999 Interview (UK-Wed 23rd November 2011) :
Darren Spence interviews Kim Wilde on the phone about her carreer and forthcoming projects : The Quofestive Tour with Status Quo & Roy Wood and her albums "Come out & play" and "Snapshots" released as downloads in the Uk :
To France  (Tuesd 22nd November 2011) :
Tofrancepic-150x150.jpgKimToFrance-98x150.jpg MIKE-OLDFIELD-to-france-12[1] 
"To France" has officially been announced by the official site Kimwilde.com as the second single from "Snapshots". At this occasion, a special Christmas remix by Ricky Wilde will be available on Friday December 9th as a download in Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Kim will also appear in different German TV programmes like RTL "Ultimative chart show" and ZDF new year's eve show "Welcome 2012".
The single will be packed with the following remixes :  1)To France (Christmas edit : 3'55)- 2)To France (album version : 4'01)- 3)It's alright(Groove coverage remix Edit : 2'56)- 4)It's alright (Groove coverage remix : 4'26). You can listen to excerpts of those remixes and you will be able to download all of them from here : http://www.amazon.de/To-France/dp/B006CV2ELY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1322171019&sr=8-6   or here  : http://www.musicload.de/kim-wilde/to-france/musik/maxi/11504285_2
Excerpts from To France  (Maxi) :
To France (album version) :
Kim has always had a passion for France (the language, the landscape, the red wine, the food...) and she even wore a French flag pin on her hat during a promotionnal trip to Australia for "You keep me hangin'on" in 1986 (see picture above). Last year she confessed having bought a property in the South of France during a French radio interview (Radio Sud). Kim Wilde enjoys particularly her French audience when she comes and sings at La Cigale in Paris. Every French fan is really looking forward to see Kim wilde again at La Cigale in 2012 during her "Snapshots & greatest Hits" Tour.
Maybe it's one of the reasons why she chose to cover "To France" originally released by Mike Oldfield in 1984. Anyway, here is Kim's official decision to cover  "To France" (track by track) :
Thüringen journal (Germany-Sund 20th November 2011) :
The regional MDR Thüringen German TV channel brodcasted a report about the Traumrock music festival in Erfurt. We can watch below parts of performance for "Cambodia" and an interview of Kim about being in her 50's.
Traumrock  (Germany-Sat 19th November 2011) :
Kim Wilde performed at the Traumrock music festival at the Messehalle in Erfurt (Germany). Above, see enclosed photographs by Alexander Volkman and here are a few reports about that event :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM WILDE ! (Frid 18th December 2011) :
On Friday 18th November Kim Wilde celebrated her 51st birthday. At this occasion, Kim was offered a very nice birthday cake by "The perfect fans" (see the photo Kim twittered). Here is a little video of kim celebrating her 50th birthday last year :
Kim Wilde in  Poland (Mond 14th November 2011) :
To promote "Snapshots" which was released in Poland on Monday 14th November, Kim Wilde appeared in several Polish TV programmes this weekend.
Happy 50th birthday Ricky Wilde ! (Sund 6th November 2011) :
Today is a very special day, it's Kim's brother Ricky wilde 50th birthday.
Ricky has always had a strong relationship with his sister Kim from childhood and has been writing and producing most of her hits over the years :
6858474223 f291602255 z  97751226 6858474641 ce8035edce z
Ricky Wilde released a few singles in Europe when he was a teenager. "I am an astronaut" was even covered recently by the British band "Snow Patrol" :
  rickyastronaut.jpg 2417052-ricky-wilde-teen-wave[1] 1658898[1]
He was also at the origins of Kim's carreer. In 1981, he made Mickie Most (RAK records manager) listen to a song "Tearaway" in which his sister had done backing vocals. Mickie Most was attracted by her voice and ask to meet Kim first and then asked Ricky to write a song for her. Back at home, Ricky worked hardly on ""Kids in America"and the rest is history.
Here is "Tearaway" :
Besides working with Kim Wilde on writing, recording and production, Ricky has always accompagnied his sister on TV shows or on tour. Ricky Wilde has also always been nice and available for fans for autographs, photos and chatting.
Here are some nice live snapshots  :
572744 m1w500q75v855 IMG 0108az 5189[1]5184[1]
Ricky Wilde has also produced and worked with other artists like Worlds Apart, Fly (with sister Roxanne Wilde & David Cummins), his daughter Scarlett Wilde, Sonic Hub and even made his acting debut in a movie called "Shoot the DJ". Ricky declared on twitter recently that he had been working on a remix for "To France" which could be thus the next single from kim Wilde's new album "Snapshots".
"Cambodia" 30th Anniversary (Wed 2nd November 2011) :
No new single from "Snapshots" so no new promotion for the last album at the moment. To help you being patient, let's celebrate the 30th Anniversary for "Cambodia", my all time favourite Kim Wilde track actually, which sold more than 1 million just in France. This blog offers to you photos and a video from a French TV called "Transit" kim did in 1982 just after "Cambodia" reached the number one spot in the French charts. In France, there was a kind of Kim Wilde mania (listen to the audience reaction) :
Another great promo TV for "Cambodia" (Popcorn- Italy 1982) :
Ataxia UK Appeal (BBC Radio 4) (UK-Sund 30th October 2011) :
This is not linked with the promotion of the new album "Snapshots" but this kind action was worth being mentionned. Kim Wilde has regularly been involved in charity projects over the past years and here is the last one in collaboration with UK BBC Radio 4 :
Kim Wilde presents the Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of the charity Ataxia UK.
Reg Charity: 1102391
To Give:
- Freephone 0800 404 8144
- Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal, mark the back of the envelope Ataxia UK
- Give Online www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/appeal.
more details here :
Kim also rang absolute radio to support Ataxia UK :
Poppy Day(Sat 29th October 2011) :
You might have noticed that in November each year many people in the UK wear bright red paper poppies. Kim Wilde wore one during a UK TV show called "Loose women" in November 2008 (see video).What are the poppies for? And why November?
The First World War finally ended after four long and bloody years of fighting, on November 11 1918. The guns stopped on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Millions of people were killed in the war and millions more were injured. In the years since 1918, the UK has payed a tribute to those people by wearing poppies.
Kim Wilde in Denmark (Wed 19th October 2011) :
Kim Wilde was especially in Copenhagen (Denmark) on Wednesday to promote her new album "Snapshots" which is due to be released there on November 28th. She took the opportunity to visit Hans Alf Gallery. You can read a report about that visit here :
"Live days" Good Style Music Festival (Switzerland-Sat 01 October 2011) :
goodstylemuisicfestival.jpg  chamc.jpg  chama.jpg  chamb.jpg chame.jpg chamd.jpg
Kim Wilde was in Cham in Switzerland for a concert on saturday 1st October 2011. She gave an introduction of her next year "Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour" by singing some covers and some of her Greatest hits. The set list was actually similar to the gigs she did last summer in Tuttlingen & Hanau :
Enjoy the silence :
see more videos in "Kim Wilde on Tour" section and more photos here :
Musikexpress (me.style) (Germany- Thur 22nd September2011) :
mestyleseptember1.jpg  musikexpressa.jpg  musikexpressb.jpg  musikexpressc.jpg mestyled.jpg mestylee.jpg
A stunning article about Kim Wilde (written by Katharina Lauck) in the new supplement me.style published with German magazine "Musikexpress". Read the article and watch other superb inedit photos (by Nicolas Kantor) in the "some nice articles" section :  http://kimwildenewspromotiondiscography.unblog.fr/articles/
Dreamball 2011 (Germany- Frid 16th September 2011) :
dreamballpressconf.jpg  dreamball2011.jpg
Kim Wilde attended the dreamball 2011 charity gala at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel of Berlin to collect funds to fight against cancer. She sang a few old hits like "Cambodia", "Kids in America" and also a few tracks from her new album "Snapshots" :
a video report shown on German TV shows Vox "Prominent" and RTL "Exclusiv weekend" :
Let's have a party ! (50 jahre of PoP) Press conference  (germany-Frid 16th September 2011) :
50partya.jpg   50popb.jpg  50popc.jpg
Kim Wilde was in Berlin at the end of the week to do a press conference for the TV show "Let's have a party ! (50 jahres of PoP)" she will be co-hosting with German TV presentator Ingolf Lück on 3Sat. You can find photos from that press conference here :
as well as 2 videos of the event :
a) Interview of Kim :
b) Kim & Igor being photographed :
Swr1 Radio Baden-Württemberg (Germany-Wed 14th September 2011) :
Another interview for the promotion of "Snapshots". Kim tells about the choice to cover some tracks from the album, speaks about her comeback with Nena, her childhood and the forthcoming tour :
Antenne Thüringen : "Snapshots" - album of the week  (Germany-Mond 5th September 2011) :
Kim did an interview at radio Thüringen for the promo of "Snapshots" that should be brodcasted soon. At the moment, that radio has chosen "Snapshots" as "album of the week" and has published a review for it as well as links to amazone.de to buy and listen to the snippets of the new album :
"Snapshots" n°14  (Germany-Mond 5th September 2011) :
Kim Wilde's new cover CD "Snapshots" has enterred the album German charts at n°14 this week even if the single "It's alright"/"Sleeping satellite" made only n°98 in official German singles charts. Kim announced it herself on twitter :
Here is also an interesting video comparing Kim's versions to the original ones :
SWR1 Interview (Germany- Thurs 1st September 2011) :
swr1c.jpg swr1d.jpg swr1a.jpg
Kim recorded this interview on her promotionnal trip to Germany for "Snapshots" on the day release of her new CD. You can listen to that interview and see a few photographs of Kim at SWR1 studios on its website :
Snapshots : "Track by track"  (Germany-SonyColumbia) :
This interview called "Track by track" was originally due to be available as a download from iTunes but it didn't eventually turn up when the new CD was released. Here is Kim's commentary on :
"Sleeping Satellite" :
"It's alright" :
"To France" :
"Beautiful ones", "Just what I needed", "Ever fallen in love" & "Kooks" :
Radio Berlin (88.8) (Germany- Mond 29th August 2011) :
radioberlinc.jpg  radioberlina.jpg  radioberlinb.jpg
On radio Berlin website, we can find videos and photos of Kim's venue :
b) An accoustic version of "Sleeping Satellite"&"Wonderful life" :  http://www.radioberlin.de/mediabox/video.media.!etc!medialib!rbb!ach!videos!musik!kim_wilde_unplugged.html
Hosted by Kim Wilde (gotv) (Austria-Sund 28th August 2011) :
gotvinta.png  gotvintc.png  gotvintb.png
Kim Wilde recorded that programme actually during the "Come out & play" promotion in Austria last year in 2010 but it had never been brodcasted until today. It was updated to the promo of "Snapshots" by showing the CD sleeve for the new album as well as a part of The Cure "In between days" video. The first part of the programme features an interview of Kim whereas in the second part, she shows videos of her choice.                   http://www.gotv.at/hostedby_detail.php?id=1143
Fernsehgarten (ZDF)(Germany-Sun 28th August 2011) :
fernsegartena.jpg   fernsegartenb.png  fernsegartenc.png
Kim was a special guest in Fernsehgarten Tv programme brodcasted on ZDF. She first sang "Sleeping Satellite" and later a medley of "It's alright"/"You keep me hangin'on"/"Kids in America". At the end of the programme kim sang one more time "Sleeping satellite" (see "Kim Wilde on TV").
Euromaxx (DW-TV) (Germany-Sat 27th August 2011) :
euromaxxsnapa.png euromaxxsnapc.png euromaxxsnapb.png
Kim Wilde appeared again in the euromaxx TV programme to promote "Snapshots". This report features an interview of Kim and is all the more interesting because you can see parts of the making of her two last videos "Sleeping Satellite" & "It's alright" as well as a part of a recording session for "Ever fallen in love" (see "Kim Wilde on TV").
Franken Fernsehen (Germany, Frid 26th August 2011) :
franferc.png  frankfernd.png  frankfernb.png
Another Web TV interview for the promotion of the new album "Snapshots" :
hr1 Radio (Germany-Frid 26th August 2011) :
hr1b.png  hr1a.png  hr1c.png
Kim did an interview and sang a special a cappella version of "Sleeping satellite" :
hr1260811a.jpg  hr1260811b.jpg
The interview can be heard here :  http://www.wilde-life.com/radio/2011/hr1-prisma
"Snapshots"  released on CD today in Germany (Thurs 25th August 2011) :
Kim herself officialy announced on twitter the release of her new album "Snapshots" today with bonus tracks : "Forever young" (Saturn edition) and "I'll stand by you", the videos for "It's alright" & "Sleeping Satellite" as well as a track by track interview on iTunes. There was also a video premiere tonight of "It's alright" on Sat1.
a special message by Kim recorded for Gay.ch :
Radio Gong (96.3) (Germany, Thurs 25th August) :
radiogongc.jpg radiogonga.jpg  radiogongb.jpg
Kim Was actually interviewed on that radio yesterday but it was only brodcasted tonight at 8.00pm :
Radio 7  (Germany-Thurs 25th August 2011) :
radio7a1.png radio7b1.png  radio7c1.png
Kim was interviewed and sang a beautiful medley of "Sleeping Satellite", "Wondeful life" and "They don't know" :
Snapshots Interview (BlumagazinTV, Wed 24th August 2011) :
snapinta1.png  snapintb1.png  snapintc1.png
Radio Charivari (98.6)  (Germany- Wed 24th August 2011) :
charivaria1.jpg  charivarib1.jpg  charivaric.jpg
Kim Wilde visited for an interview the studios of Radio Charivari with her brother Ricky and Nick (her manager) :
http://www.charivari986.de/charivari986.de/bilder/serie.php?id=90777&titel=Kim  Wilde und ihr Bruder Ricky LIVE bei Charivari 98.6
Antenne Brandenburg (Germany-Tues 23rd August 2011):
Kim was interviewed about the recording of "Snapshots" in the studios for that radio :
Glanz und Gloria (SF1-Switzerland-Mond 22nd August 2011-6.40pm) :
glanza.png  glanzc.png  glanze.png
A report was shown about Kim's venue at the Swiss TV show "Bi de Lüt" as well as an interview in which she confesses having met DJ Bobo :
 Radio Hamburg (Germany-Monday 22nd August 2011) :
Kim Wilde was interviewed for the promotion of her forthcoming "Snapshots" album and sang accompanied by her brother Ricky a beautiful accoustic version of "Sleeping Satellite" & "Wonderful Life" :
 SF bi de Lüt (SF1-Switzerland-Sat 20th August 2011-8.10pm) :
bitdelutb.png  bitdelutd.png        bitdeluth.png  bitdelutf.png
Kim sang "Sleeping Satellite" and gave a little interview just after. There was also a report about the show shown the following day on "Glanz und Gloria" (see "Kim Wilde on TV").
Swiss radio DRS3 Interview for "Snapshots" (Zurich-Frid 19th August 2011) :
Kim Wilde recorded this radio interview on her promotionnal trip to Zurich on Friday 19th August 2011. This is a really interesting interview in which Kim explains why she selected those songs in particular :
German TV spots for "Snapshots" :
Listen to some snippets of "Snapshots" and watch a special video message by Kim Wilde :
or here :
snapshotssleepingcds1.jpg           snapshotspromocd.jpg
The promotional CD for "Snapshots" released by Sony :               This promotional CD features 'rough demo' or 'mixes' of original tracks recorded for the commercial album and comes with a 12 page booklet in which Kim explains her reasons for recording these 14 covers. It also includes new photographs of Kim as well as 'snapshots' sent by fans that will probably be part of the CD booklet made for the commercial album that is released on August 26th.
Track listing for the promo CD of "Snapshots" :
  1. It's alright (mixed but not mastered)
  2. In between days (rough demo mix)
  3. About you now (rough demo mix)
  4. Sleeping satellite (mixed but not mastered)
  5. To France (mixed but not mastered)
  6. A little respect (mixed but not mastered)
  7. Remember me (mixed but not mastered)
  8. Anyone who had a heart (mixed but not mastered)
  9. Wonderful life (mixed but not mastered)
  10. They don't know about us (mixed but not mastered)
  11. Beautiful ones (rough demo mix)
  12. Just what I needed (rough demo mix)
  13. Ever fallen in love (with someone) (mixed but not mastered)
  14. Kooks (duet with Hal Fowler) (rough demo mix)
New single "It's alright/Sleeping Satellite" from Snapshots :
bild8kleiner160x160.jpg    kimwildeitsalrightsleepingsatellite1.jpg    snap1.jpg
Official video for "Sleeping Satellite" :
sat9.png  sat8.png   sat3.png
sat5.png   sat6.png  sat7.png
Official video for "It's alright" :
al6.png  al4.png   al5.png  al1.pngal2.pngal3.png
The new album "Snapshots" :
2011snapshots21.jpg            2011snapshotspromo.jpg          snapshotspromocd.jpg
She is one of the biggest icons of British pop. With her new album "Snapshots" Kim Wilde goes through more than three decades of music history and releases her very personal soundtrack. For the first time in her career Kim Wilde produces a full album with cover versions of songs that haven't just influenced, impressed and accompanied her: "Snapshot" is the photo album of a whole generation. While Kim Wilde was putting the finishing touches to the songs in the studio right, fans could contribute their own most beautiful memories and have a shot at getting into the booklet of the album or on the website. "Snapshot" is released via Columbia Seven One on 26.08.2011 and can be ordered at amazon.de :
Here are the originals from "Snapshots" :
1. It's Alright (East 17)
2. In Between Days (The Cure)
3. About You Now (The sugababes)
4. Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer)
5. To France (Mike Olfield & Maggie Reilly)
6. A Little Respect (Erasure)
7. Remember Me (Diana Ross)
8. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Dionne Warwick)
9. Wonderful Life (Black)
10. They Don't Know About Us (Kirsty Mc Coll)
11. Beautiful Ones (Suede)
12. Just What I Needed (The cars)
13. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone) (Buzzcocks)
14. Kooks (David Bowie)
1) It's alright (originally performed by East17) :

2) In between days (originally performed by The Cure) :

3) About you now (originally performed by the Sugababes) :

4) Sleeping Satellite (originally performed by Tasmin Archer) :
5) To France (Originally performed by Mike Olfield featuring Maggie Reilly) :
6) A little respect (originally performed by Erasure) :

7) Remember me (originally performed by Diana Ross) :

8)Anyone who had a heart (originally performed by Dionne Warwick) :

9) Wonderful life (originally performed by Black) :

10) They don't know about us (originally performed by Kirsty Mc Coll) :

11) Beautiful ones (originally performed by Suede) :
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