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Media mass (Uk - Wednesday 26th December 2012) :
True or false ?? Time will tell the truth :

Kim Wilde, new Studio Album and Tour in 2013 ?

  • By Susan Garner, London, Last updated on December 26, 2012
Kim Wilde has reportedly started work on her new album.
Has Kim Wilde been working on a new album? While her representatives are keeping tight-lipped, reports have been circulating on the Internet. There have been strong rumors that the singer is finally returning to the recording studio working on a what might be a back-to-roots album.
According to a source, rumors of Kim Wilde working in recording studio are true, with as many as eight songs having been put to tape. “It’s still in the early stages,” “She’s got security on the doors to ensure no-one hears a whisper,” a source said.
World Tour To Follow New Album?
Kim Wilde is rumoured to be planning a worldwide tour at the end of 2013. When contacted, a representative had no information on a new album, or any of the singer’s future plans. This isn’t the first time in recent memory reports have surfaced about Kim Wilde recording sessions. Fans will be anxiously awaiting...
Magic FM (Tuesday 25th December 2012) :
On Secret songs last Sunday Kim wished all the auditors a Merry Christmas and played lots of Christmas songs during that special secret songs radio programme by Wham, Roy Wood, Maria Carrey, Frankie goes to Hollywood, the Pretenders.... Kim also declared that she would spend Christmas Day at her home with her parents, her brother Ricky & his wife. Then she added that the whole Wilde family would gather again on boxing day.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE Hope you're having a wonderful pre-xmas weekend? Are you ready yet?! Me and Jamie are certainly in the festive spirit this morning...the Christmas jumpers are back out, and there's a big tin of Roses here too! (Bet they don't last very long!!!) Have a great Christmas! Kim x
Then, there was also an interview brodcasted on Christmas day :  festive-friends
106 Jack FM Radio (uk - Saturday 22nd December 2012) :
On Saturday 22nd December 2012 Kim Wilde & her brother Ricky paid a visit to the Hertfordshire radio station 106 Jack FM. See more details about it here on the official Kim Wilde fan site : JackFMradioBreakfast
Kim twittered sarcastically after the serenade tube event : "Hurrah,@106jack let us in !!!!!"
Magic FM : Kim talks about that video (uk-Monday 17th December 2012) 
Kim talks about that recent event on the north London train :
Merry Christmas: Kids in America / Rockin'around the Christmas tree  (uk- Friday 14th December 2012) :

Kim & Ricky treated the North London train passengers on their way back home. Here are some article from British tabloids about that funny event :   nme.com   mirror.co.uk  dailymail.co.uk  guardian.co.uk  thesun.co.uk

Report on Sunrise (Australia) :
Rodovre 80's party (Denmark- Friday 23rd November 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed in Denmark at the radio Rodovre 80's party.
Chequered love & View from a bridge :
Secret songs (Magic FM) (uk-Sunday 25th November 2012) :
Kim Wilde has been introducing the radio programme Secrets songs for a few years now and this Sunday was a little festive because of Christmas coming soon. Kim and other radio presentators especially wore Christmas jumpers and Magic FM has asked auditors to send their own photos about Christmas preparations :
Good morning! It's all festive in the studio today. Jamie's brought in
Christmas jumpers, and there's already a tussle over the Christmas movie!
How about you? Have you put up any decorations yet? Send me some pics of your jumpers!
Don't forget if you want to get your songs on you can tell me what you want via www.magic.co.uk/secretsongs
Special Christmas festivities (Friday 23rd November 2012) :
Kim Wilde on her trip to Denmark for an 80's concert met Santa Claus at the airport. She sent the first photo via twitter :
The second photo was taken when Kim switched the Christmas lights on for a shopping center called the Galleria in Hatfield (Hertforshire) this Saturday 24th November at 5 pm.
more details here : thegalleria
A video report of that event :
Wales on line (uk - Tuesday 20th November 2012) :
A nice review and interesting interview of Marty (Kim's father) entitled Marty Wilde rock ‘n’ rolls back the years. Read more here : articles
Countryside (uk- Monday 19th November 2012) :
Kim is on the cover (+ article) of the December issue of the UK magazine Countryside. The sub title of this article says the following : Wilde at heart: 80s pop icon Kim Wilde describes how gardening changed her life. See details later in the articles section.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM WILDE !!! (Sunday 18th November 2012) :
Today, Kim celebrated her 52nd birthday today!! Best wishes !! A Swiss article about it : 20min.ch
Kim thanked her fans for their birthday messages  : 
Kim Wilde@kimwilde  Birthday treats : ) Thanks to all of you for lovely birthday messages.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Festival Les Gouttes (Switzerland) (Friday 16th November 2012) :
A new live date added : Kim Wilde will be performing at this Swiss Music Festival "Les Gouttes" at La Sagne on Friday 14th June 2013. More information here : festival-des-gouttes.ch
The Sun (UK-Thursday 15th November 2012) :
The Sun published an article about Kim & gardening : articles
Kim pointed on twitter a mistake made by the tabloid :
Kim Wilde@kimwilde Did the Sun newspaper REALLY say bro 'Ricky' instead of bro 'Marty' is a Hertfordshire based landscape designer???? ; )
Hr1-Live Lounge Music (Monday 12th November 2012) :
Today, at 20h00, the German radio station Hr1 brodcasted an accoustic concert of Kim Wilde from 2010 : hr1-K.Wilde   hr1-photos
Set list :1)Chequered love-2)You came-3)Lights down low-4)Real life-5)Cambodia-6)King of the world-7)You keep me hangin'on-8)Loving you more-9)Get out-10)Kids in America-11)Stand by you. Then, the radio played  Love conquers all (duet with Nick Kershaw) and Greatest journey (with Glenn Gregory) from Come out & play.
I'll stand by you :
This track is available for download here : itunes
New album in 2013 ! (Monday 12th November 2012) :
Kim recently declared on twitter that she was going to Germany to record a new track :
I'm off to Germany to record a song tomorrow.Very looking forward to being in the studio again .Will share details when I get there ...
Then, she gave a clue about that project :
Here's a clue!!!!Fantastic day in the studio with @AchimKleist and @WolfgangVonWebenau and ........??????
Achim Kleist and Wolfgang Von Webenau are musicians who have regularly worked with DJ Bobo.
Kim confessed later that she joined DJ Bobo in studios to record that new song :
Home at last ,great day with D J BoBo : )    and : @phil_marriott @elliegoulding Great,just recorded a wicked dance track with DJ BoBo in Germany x
DJ Bobo himself confirmed that collaboration by publishing on facebook this photo :
On his website myspace.com he added that this song will be included on his forthcoming album due to be released in January 2013 and that they worked on a a new version of his song "I believe" :

A year ago, Kim met DJ Bobo on a Swiss TV show and confessed she would like to work with him :
Finally, Kim admitted working on a new album to be released in 2013 :
@omarsaif23 that's great!I'll be writing and recording a new album next year
25 Jahre Bad (The Michael Jackson Documentary) (Vox) (Germany-Thursday 8th November 2012) :
The German Tv channel Vox brodcasted a special documentary about Michael Jackson at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his album Bad on Wednesday 12th September 2012. Throughout that documentary, Kim Wilde is interviewed about the artist, her experience of touring with him on his Bad Tour, her meeting with him... Just watch her statements here :

Marty Wilde's Rock 'N' Roll Party (UK-Sunday 28th October 2012) :
Kim's dad Marty Wilde and his Wildcats have been back on Tour with other pioneers of rock and roll John Leyton and Eden Kane. Kim's sister Roxanne Wilde does backing vocals for Marty. His new tour started in Woking on Friday 12th Ocotber. Please check any of his current dates on Marty Wilde's official website : martywilde.com  Nice review of the show :  davidstjohn
Roxanne and Marty Wilde :
SWR1 Hit Parade (Germany - Friday 26th Ocotber 2012) :
Kim Wilde was the Guest Star this year at The SWR1 Hit Parade in Stuttgart. Her one hour performance included : 1)Chequered love-2)View from a bridge-3)To France-4)Lights down low-5)Anywhere, anyplace, anytime-6)Cambodia-7)Never trust a stranger-8)The second time-9)You came-10)You keep me hanging on-Encore : 11)Forever young-12)Kids in America. Kim's performance was brodcasted live on internet and on SWR1 radio. Photos of that event here : swr1hitparade
An interview backstage :
Forever young :
Regensburg Arcaden (Germany - Tuesday 23rd October 2012) :
Kim Wilde rocked the Arcaden in Regensburg (Germany) on Saturday 20th October 2012. See live photos by Verena Allescher here : Wochenblatt.de and an article there : Kim-Wilde-rockte-die-Arcaden
Gaydar Radio Interview   (UK - Monday 22nd October 2012) :
Kim Wilde was interviewed by phone on Gaydar radio in the UK on Thursday 18th October and that interview was made available today on their website. Gaydar radio has been quite supportive with Kim by often playing Beautiful House (with Reflekt) and even the Vinny Vero DJ remix of Remember me :

A former interview (23rd March 2008) at the same radio :   gaydarradioInt
Remember me (Vinny Vero & Steve Migliore Club Mix) (Saturday  20th October 2012) :
 There is a dance DJ remix of Remember me available on soundcloud.com (original Kim Wilde version taken from Snapshots and available for download here amazon.com) :
Remember me (live in Munich) :
Riem Arcaden (Germany-Saturday 13th October 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed in Munich (Germany) at the Riem Arcaden. See live photos here by Petra Schönberger : Petraschoenberger and here : Riemarcaden and an article there : artikel
Love blonde :

Erlangen Arcaden  (Germany-Saturday 6th October 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed for the first time in a shopping center in Erlagen at the occasion of its 5th birthday. Even if the stage was small, Kim gave a great performance for 1h30 and the set list included : 1)Chequered love-2)View from a bridge-3)To France-4)Get out-5)Lights down low-6)Anyplace, anywhere, anytime-7)Cambodia-8)It's alright-9)Never trust a stranger-10)Love in the natural way-11) Love blonde-12)Wonderful life-13)The second time-14)A little respect-15)You came-16)You keep me hangin'on Encore : 17)Forever young-18)Spirit in the sky-19)Kids in America.
A German TV report about this event :
A little respect :
Seven Casino (France- Friday 5th October 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at the Seven Cazino in Amneville (France). The set list was the same as the Trianon except that Ever fallen in love and Perfect girl were dropped. Some nice live photos : Claudepiscitelli   weemove   metroreporter  dailyrockfrance
 A regional TV FR3 Lorraine interviewed the so called by Kim "the perfect fans" while they were queing at the entrance FR3 Lorraine Report
Intro (Dream Sequence & It's alright) :
Kids in America :

Trianon (France-Thursday 4th October 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at The Trianon in Paris. The audience was very receptive and it was lovely to hear Kim speaking French from time to time : "Gros bisous Paris", "Ca va Paris ?","A bientôt Paris"... Kim was so pleased with the Paris warm audience that she got confused and mixed the lyrics on Ever fallen in love.
Set list : 1)It's alright-2)Chequered love-3)Get out-4)Lights down low-5)Ever fallen in love-6)Never trust a stranger-7)Water on glass-8)Can't get enough-9)Four letter word-10)A little respect-11)Perfect girl-12)View from a bridge-13)Spirit  in the sky-14) Love in the natural way-15)Love blonde-16)Wonderful life-17)Cambodia-18)To France-19)The second time-20)Anyplace, anywhere, anytime-21)You came-22)Shame-23)You keep me hangin'on- Encore : 24)Forever young-25)Enjoy the silence-26)Kids in America.
A report about the concert and stunning photographs : startrackcrush.com
Wonderful life :

 Love Blonde :

Paradiso (Holland-Wednesday 3rd October 2012) :
Kim Wilde started her second legg "Rocktober" of the Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour in the Paradiso in Amsterdam.
Nice live photos : ParadisoJulian Reschke and here : nufoto.nl others there : photobucket.com and finally here : podiuminfo.nl
Here is a Dutch video report about it : shownieuws
Forever young :

 Enjoy the silence :

Cartier Hamburg 2012 (Germany- Thursday 6th September 2012) :
Kim Wilde did a small performance at a Cartier store in Hamburg. See this magazine report : Vogue.de and photos here : vogue.de
There were two TV reports :
RTLNord :

Vox prominent :

Rottweil (Germany- Saturday 25th August 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed live at Kraftwerk in Rottweil in Germany. Other live photos here : schwarzwaelder-bote.de
Setlist : 1)Chequered love-2)View from a bridge-3)To France-4)Just what I needed-5)Lights down low-6)Anyplace anywhere anytime-7)Cambodia-8)It's alright-9)Never trust a stranger-10)Spirit in the sky-11)Love in the natural way-12)Together we belong-13)Wonderful life-14)The second time-15)Words fell down-16)A little respect-17)You came-18)You keep me hangin' on- Encore : 19)Forever young-20)Enjoy the silence-21)Kids in America.
Just what I needed :
You came & You keep me hangin'on :


a video interview :

Unique Festival (Hungary- Thursday 23rd August 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at the Unique Music Festival in Budapest in Hungary.
A video report :

Several reports featuring parts of performances and interviews of Kim were brodcasted on Hungarian TV channel RTLKlub.
Aquanario (Germany- Wednesday 22nd August 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at the Aquanarion Music festival in Berlin. more photos here : bildmaschine.de
Cambodia :

Vorstertfeesten Festival (Belgium-Saturday 18th August 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at the Vorstertfeesten Music Festival in Bree (Belgium). See  live photos here : nieuwsblad.be and here : kim-wilde-vostert-feesten
Chequered love :

Reflekt featuring Kim Wilde  (Holl- Monday 13th August 2012) :
A beautiful house is a collaboration between Kim Wilde and the producers Seb Fontaine and Julian Peake from Reflekt. They had announced the relase of that track on a Dutch Tv in June 2012.
Beautiful House can be downloaded here : beatport.com
Club mix :
Antillas & Dankann Remix :

Radio edit :
BR Radltour (Germany-Thursday 9th August 2012) :
Kim Wilde performed at the occasion of the BR Radltour in lauf and was interviewed by BR german TV channel :

see other live photos here : lauflive.de
Love in the natural way :


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